Custom Outreach is a service we offer when don’t currently have a site listed in our inventory that is suitable for your website. This might be because your website is too niche, or it might be because you are looking for a link back from a site with different metrics/price to what we have available. Here, we manually reach out and find a suitable site for your needs.

Our 5-step Custom Outreach service works like this:

Between us, we agree on the metrics and price for us to seek out, for you.

We find and contact sites who match our agreed criteria (metrics and price) and ask them about the possibility of securing a sponsored post on their site.

We confirm with them that they are happy to link out to your site

We run their website through our proven vetting process, which includes (but certainly not limited to) making sure it isn’t part of a PBN, receives REAL traffic, has a solid backlink profile and is well presented with quality written content.

We create an article for their site, and within it place a contextual, related ‘do follow’ link back to your site, before sending you a report of the link placed.