3 Benefits of Working with a Link Building Agency

When did you last check the link profile for your website? Does your site management team even know how to properly organize and create effective link building strategies?

Here are 3 great benefits to working with link building companies, such as Outreach Owl.

1. Improved Page and Domain Authority

Perhaps the biggest thing Google takes into consideration when determining the rank of a website is the quality of inbound links. The page authority of a site is a subjective measure of the quality of links, while domain authority measures the authority of a website as a whole. A higher domain authority means a better chance of a higher rank for the search terms you are aiming for that is connected to your website.

Working together with Outreach Owl helps you to gain more relevant and important links connected to your domain, giving your website pages a better ranking in organic search results on search engines like Google.

2. More Traffic Referrals

More traffic referrals are the most obvious but overlooked benefits of connecting with link building companies. The links you get from Outreach Owl’s services are permanent and anyone who reads the content is able to click through on them. When someone wants to learn more on a topic, they can easily follow the link to your website and learn more at their leisure.

You want your referral strategy to have as many layers as possible, as the more layers there is, the more traffic you can expect to have referred to you. Sometimes the referral traffic you get is worth more than organic search rankings.

3. It’s a Lifetime Investment

Unlike with other traditional digital marketing such as paid adverts, the investments you make in backlinks will last for as long as the web page the links are attached to are online.

Paying for ads mean that you rent out space on a website for a month or a year to get some visibility on your website. While with link placement services you pretty much have a permanent place where traffic is referred directly to your website.

Links tend to have long lifetimes as most of the time the webpage they are hosted on will last for several years. The more authority a website has, the less likely that website is to just disappear. Link building is like generating home equity while buying advert space is like renting an apartment.

As is the case with a house, you are able to choose to build links on your own if you want. There are plenty of services and guides on how to generate links, but the problem is that doing it yourself is time-consuming, as you need to reach out to people, agree on a fee, create the articles, and then have them accepted and finally published. By letting Outreach Owl take care of everything, you’re basically hiring a professional contractor to come and build a house for you that will last the test of time.

Professional link building could become perhaps the greatest investment you make in your business. There are times when you will get focused on other aspects of digital marketing and SEO strategies. It causes you to forget all of the great benefits of building links to your website. If you’re looking to build some links, then we believe it’s best to not go alone.

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